Watchman Nee

The Normal Christian Life

This is a great, fantastic book for Christians. "The Spirit who dwells within me is no mere influence, but a living Person; He is very God." There are truths that we have learned so well, mechanicaly, that pass us by without becoming real and alive, through meditation, in our hearts and souls. When one reads Mr. Nee one has the feeling that knowledge becomes revelation, and that the political map of our normal Christian life becomes suddenly a relief map. I believe that this precious book will do for you what it did for me. It will be a revelation for you in certain aspect of your life most needed.

It is divided into 14 chapters that cover everything that a follower of Christ needs to know to help him enjoy a spiritually fulfilled Christian life. What I appreciated most of Mr. Nee is that not only he explains clearly his subjects, but he brings along examples of his life experiences that illustrate his points convincingly. If one image is worth a thousand words, then one illustration is worth many books. This is no ordinary Christian literature; it is really a treasure.




On Cuba's Revolution:

"The revolution was a cover for committing atrocities without the slightest vestige of guilt ... we were young and irresponsible. We were pirates. We formed our own caste ... we belonged to and believed in nothing -no religion, no flag, no morality or principle. It's fortunate we didn't win, because if we had, we would have drowned the continent in barbarism."

Jorge Masetti, In the Pirate's Den

España [por el contrario de Estados Unidos] se ha ido configurando, siglo a siglo, como una sociedad herida por la envidia, en la que todavía hacer demagogia con la pobreza rinde réditos electorales y donde los que han tenido o tienen grandes riquezas -tanto los progres como la iglesia católica– no pocas veces predican la solidaridad con el prójimo a la vez que protegen sus patrimonios nada desdeñables en SICAVs, algo, dicho sea de paso, bastante lógico tal y como está el panorama fiscal.”

César Vidal en su artículo Las razones de una diferencia en

2. La Constitución se fundamenta en la indisoluble unidad de la Nación española, patria común e indivisible de todos los españoles.

3.1. El castellano es la lengua española oficial del Estado. Todos los españoles tienen el deber de conocerla y el derecho a usarla.

'The Pale Maiden'
"Thus heaven I've forfeited,
I know it full well
My soul, once true to God
Is chosen for hell."

by Karl Marx

from Richard Wurmbrand´s book on Marx

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