Dinesh D´Souza

The Roots of Obama´s Rage

The first of the Americans, ironically, is the least American of all. Leftists need to understand that the basis for the argument of this book is Obama's own two books on himself. No need to be a braniac to make Mr. D'Souza's analysis and inferences. Just as a bad fruit tree delivers good fruit, and a good one good fruit, Obama's two years in office deliver the fruit by which to judge him in good faith, and if the willingly blind still refuse it, here's Obama's history. D'Souza lets us see Obama against the geographical and family background (Hawaii, Indonesia, Kenya) in which he grew up. If Obama claims to be so much influenced by his biological father, we should take him on his own words and look into Obama Sr.'s own history and background, as D'Souza does.

The most revealing fact of so many mentioned in this book was this one: "radical Muslims around the world will view the mosque (to be built on Ground Zero, NY) as a kind of triumphant monument ... Muslims have a long tradition of building monuments to commemorate triumphs ove adversaries, as when they built the dome of the Rock on the site of Solomon's Temple". Strange as it seems to myself, I never thought of this before. The Muslim Empire has put a flag on US territory. Symbolism is hard for Westerners to understand, living as we do encapsulated in our wealthy and comfortable little world, but we need to see things as our self-proclaimed enemies see them, as they claim to see them, and we need to stop ignoring their threats.

The book reads fast, goes to the facts, wastes no time with theories or interpretations. Puts the tree right next to its fruits and, by the way, presents a lecture-for-all-to-understand on colonialism from the safe perspective of time.

Facts on President Obama:

Two billion dollars in loans and guarantees to Brazil's state-owned oil company Petrobras ... while outlawing all drilling below a depth of 500 feet in the US ... for the oil to stay in Brazil.

His cap and trade policy to make companies pay for the right to release carbon into the atmosphere, declaring carbon a "pollutant", even though without carbon no life forms on earth would exist. All this, consequently, puts thousands of Americans out of work and moves companies to other parts of the world.

Investing billions of dollars in solar and wind energy ... compelling companies to build smaller, "green" cars, even though consumers are no interested in them. The environmental tab will exceed $1 trillion.

Environmental fanaticism preached from the very U.N chambe: "rising sea levels threaten every coastline ... powerful storms and floods threaten every coastline ... drought and crop failures breed hunger and conflict ... our prosperity, our health, our safety are in jeopardy", Obama literally said these words. If it had been a white
Evangelical Conservative the same people who take him seriously would have insulted his guts out.

The agreement coming out of the UN Summit proposed that the West fork over $100 billion to developing countries (same as to say established dictatorships).

He sponsored the Global Poverty Act, which would have committed the US to spending over $800 over a decade to eradicate poverty in the Third World, and also to enable them to follow Western environmental standards.

Activist groups such as ACORN -where Obama worked both in New York and Chicago- demanded that banks change their lending practices to benefit minorities and the poor ... Congress began to push for easier lending standards, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the tools used to make it happen, they abandoned responsible lending criteria and encouraged private banks to do the same ... the Federal reserve also lowered bank reserve requirements. Know what happened then?

Some 300 banks were force-fed a federal infusion of $200 billion, whether they wanted them or not (understand now Rahm Emanuel's words about never letting a crisis go to waste?). And refused to permit large banks to make repayments. If the government took back the money it would no longer have the same degree of control over them.
Obama approved "stress tests" for the banks. Since when such a test was needed: If a guy is willing to pay his loan, it's safe to assume that he is in a position to do so. But this way the decision to pay bank stays in the hands of the government.

Obama delivered bailout money to rescue the Big Three Detroit auto companies. Immediately after that, Obama fires Rick Wagoner of General Motors. Here enters a new role for the Executive Power: He is the boss of the country, the one who can hire or fire.
Obama then renegotiated the terms of contracts so that the union pension plans -in the case of Chrysler and General Motors- would get preferential treatment. As Obama himself wrote in his book: "I owe those unions".

People who want to be lied to, who are willingly deluded, cannot be recovered to sanity, but those who worship no idol, who still believe in God rather than in Utopian ideal from the left, have an eye-opening book about the man whom America has elected.




On Cuba's Revolution:

"The revolution was a cover for committing atrocities without the slightest vestige of guilt ... we were young and irresponsible. We were pirates. We formed our own caste ... we belonged to and believed in nothing -no religion, no flag, no morality or principle. It's fortunate we didn't win, because if we had, we would have drowned the continent in barbarism."

Jorge Masetti, In the Pirate's Den

España [por el contrario de Estados Unidos] se ha ido configurando, siglo a siglo, como una sociedad herida por la envidia, en la que todavía hacer demagogia con la pobreza rinde réditos electorales y donde los que han tenido o tienen grandes riquezas -tanto los progres como la iglesia católica– no pocas veces predican la solidaridad con el prójimo a la vez que protegen sus patrimonios nada desdeñables en SICAVs, algo, dicho sea de paso, bastante lógico tal y como está el panorama fiscal.”

César Vidal en su artículo Las razones de una diferencia en Libertaddigital.com

2. La Constitución se fundamenta en la indisoluble unidad de la Nación española, patria común e indivisible de todos los españoles.

3.1. El castellano es la lengua española oficial del Estado. Todos los españoles tienen el deber de conocerla y el derecho a usarla.

'The Pale Maiden'
"Thus heaven I've forfeited,
I know it full well
My soul, once true to God
Is chosen for hell."

by Karl Marx

from Richard Wurmbrand´s book on Marx

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